Cordes sur Ciel

One of the most beautiful villages in France

Cordes sur Ciel is one of the most significant medieval towns in France and one of the most important European heritage sites.

Tourist Office of Cordes: 05 63 56 00 52

In the land of Bastides, Cordes, Réalmont, Castelnau de Montmiral, Puycelsi, Lisle-sur-Tarn, offer unlimited walks. Villages of shadows and lights, discover some of the Most Beautiful Village of France.

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Place de Castelnau de Motmiral, Bastide albigeoise
rue de Puycelsi, Bastide albigeoise Facade Cordes sur Ciel ,  Bastide albigeoise detail facade Cordes sur Ciel, Bastide albigeoise
This part of the Tarn is often called Little Tuscany as its landscapes recall the gentle Italian valleys
Puycelsi,  Bastide Albigeoiserue de Cordes sur Ciel , Bastide Albigeoiserue de Puycelsi, Bastide Albigeoise