High Quality Produce, Tarn

Le Tarn; the Land of Flavours…

Voila, one of the values represented by the “Saveurs du Tarn”. The department is rich in an exceptional gastronomical diversity: the ‘ail rose de Lautrec’ (garlic), ‘les salaisons de Lacaune’ (salted meats), Gaillac wines, foie gras, pulses, meats and poultry, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, beers, eggs…

…and of savoir-faire.

Through generations, men and women have passed on their expertise in order to offer you a wide range of high quality produce of which some have been awarded at both national and European levels. (Label Rouge, AOC, AOP, IGP, AB…)

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Jambon Oberti-lacaune-
ail rose Lautrec – label rouge foie-gras-de-canard- fromage-Pic-Tarn